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Best DUI Lawyer Newport News Virginia

"We Have a Long Track Record of Obtaining Favorable Resolutions at Affordable Prices"
Best DUI Lawyer in Newport News Dexter Owens specializes in defending DUI cases. They are tough cases but with his experience it is your best chance in the court of law.

Know your rights. Ask questions. And know that Dexter will prepare the best defense for the serious crime of drunk driving that you are charged with in the state of Virginia.

The Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) is a powerful lobbyist organization that influences strict penalties for drunk driving offenses. And be thankful that you have run into Dexter Owens. A tough and influential litigator in the Newport News courts.

Call us today to schedule a FREE consultation about your case and how we are going to defend you in court. We take these types of cases serious and will fight for you with every legal bone that we have under Virginia law. Call now for the FREE Consultation.

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