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When defending DUI cases in Virginia it is more than just pleading guilty.

There are more than 100 medications and medical conditions that can interfere with accurate breathalyzer results and caus a false reading.

- DUI blood tests are frequently prone to errors. Even retesting blood samples at independent labs can result in different results than the original results giving cause for contamination.
- Police officers are suppose to follow a set of standardized procedures in DUI investigations and very few of them do which will result in a dismissal.

Our DUI defense team consists of experienced DUI prosecutors, DUI enforcement officers and former police toxicologists.

Regardless of the type of DUI case, we procede by visiting the DUI location, study the arresting officers record, training and professional background, reanalyze blood samples, examine the breathalyzer maintenance history, subpoena and cross-examine the police officers at LIVE DMV hearings and deconstruct the chain of events leading to the arrest to find any discrepencies to help in your defense. All of this combined helps us to cover all of the bases which leads us to a successful defense.

So, if you've been arrested for a DUI in Virginia, we invite you for a discussion about your case. It is an absolutely FREE consultation. We'll talk about what happened leading up to your arrest. We assure you that you'll get our candid opinion about the liklihood of winning in court and at the Virginia DMV.
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